Whipped Puppy

Whipped Puppy

Dear Sir,

I am fed up with politicians who have the "whipped puppy syndrome", cowing down at the special interest groups, rolling over and wetting all over themselves whenever the ACLU or other such groups cry foul.

As far as I am concerned there is only one politician in the United States that I trust, and that man is Duncan Hunter. Duncan Hunter is a "High Octane" American who loves the Lord and is very patriotic. Duncan Hunter was a Christian in politics when other politicians wouldn't touch God with a ten foot stick. Now it seems all of the other candidates have found religion because they think throwing the Lord's name around will get our attention.

What has this country come to when we have to vote on Christmas, the Koran is more welcome in the public schools than God's Holy Word, and we put law enforcement officials in jail for doing their job. The list of the nonsense we as Americans allow to happen in our country is long. I believe Duncan Hunter would bring a reality check to the White House.

Here is a candidate that the Lord has put right in front of us. What are we going to do about it?

Kenny Cantrell
Crowley, Texas