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Ted Cruz - Rating

Ted Cruz RatingTed Cruz graduated from law school in 1995 and was a lawyer for 17 years as a law clerk, government attorney and corporate litigator before winning his U.S. Senate seat in 2012 (see Ted Cruz Background). He is a polished, albeit impersonal, speaker, debater and politician.

Ted Cruz lacks executive and foreign policy experiences but is pro-life (see Abortion is Murder), pro-Israel, anti-homosexual marriage (see Bible verses about Homosexuality), anti-illegal immigration, and recognizes the threat from Islam (see Ted Cruz Platform).

We have more confidence in Ted Cruz's Platform than Ted Cruz the person, who has not been forthright about having amended his position on immigration, and while decrying homosexuality and "New York 'values'" on television, solicited campaign contributions from homosexuals at a fundraiser organized by two of New York's most prominent homosexuals at their home. Instead of trusting in Jesus, he is running a timid campaign that trusts in political operatives and their 'strategies.'

On the spiritual front, while he is registered as a Southern Baptist, the two people closest to him are a Seventh Day Adventist and a pastor who works for Benny Hinn's wife (see Ted Cruz Religion).

Pending his show of sufficient courage to share his Christian testimony in response to pointed questions about his faith (see Questions for Presidential Candidates), our rating of his presidential candidacy remains a C.