What Does God Say?

What Does God Say?

I have some questions regarding the pro-life stance on abortion and the role of women in society. Here are some questions with real-life situations.

1. What does God say about men who use sex and pregnancy to subjugate women?

2. What does God say about men who force/coerce girls/women, such as step-daughters, to have abortions so that those men’s sins are covered up?

3. What does God say about the way men have been treating women for thousands of years?

4. The 13th Amendment states that slavery and involuntary servitude is outlawed. What does God say about human trafficking? Why does the USA make money from human trafficking? Isn’t slavery outlawed?

5. What does God say about a bunch of men in office, with no medical degrees, making laws about women’s health issues?

6. Did you know that not all abortions are “choices?” (still-birth & miscarriage are natural abortions)

7. Did you know that a woman’s uterus is almost as acidic as a stomach? (Planned Parenthood has reported that about 80% of fertilized eggs do not implant on the walls of the uterus, therefore, natural abortions that go unnoticed.)

8. Did you know that some fertilized eggs implant themselves in the fallopian tube, which will cause death to an unborn baby and harm to the mother? What does God say in that instance?

9. I have seen many articles of young girls being used and impregnated at ages as young as eight years old. What does God say about this? Many 8-year olds are not ready to be mothers, and the pregnancy can cause many issues for young girls, including infertility.

I’m not trying to antagonize. There are a lot of medical issues that go into the decision when making these tough decisions. I have a major issue with politicians making laws about things that they have little to no knowledge. The ones I am writing about are the ones who have no in depth knowledge of the way a woman’s body works, no medical degree, and no regard to women. I have noticed that many politicians write these struggling women off as poor, selfish harlots. This is not always the case. Plus, most of these politicians are men, and they cannot empathize with us, for the obvious reason, only sympathize.

I am against abortion and wish that any girl/woman has thought everything through before making the decision. However, it is not always the girl/woman in question making this decision. Abolishing abortion will not eliminate it. In order to eliminate abortion, we need to eliminate the source. The source of the problem is people using sex as a means of power. (Which is against God's commandments since he views sex as physical marriage between two people) This is why I am a pro-choice advocate. Even though I am against abortion, I would never look at another woman to tell her what to do with her body. It is her business alone. The government should not interfere by mandating pregnancy. It will be another way for men to control women. I honestly think the whole abortion issue is about who is in control, instead of being about the health and well-being of mother and/or child.

Thank you for your time,

Heather Hopkins

GodVoter.org response:

Thank you for your email. Abortion is a life and death issue, not just a "women's health issue." Still-births are still-births and miscarriages and miscarriages, including tubal pregnancies which "cause death to an unborn." Re-classifying them as "abortions" twists the truth, as well as the English language, in an attempt to support the pro-abortion position. 8 year old girls must not be impregnated, but if they become pregnant, murdering the baby (see Abortion Is Murder) is not the answer to the heinous crime of pedophile rape. The vast majority of abortions do not involve mothers who are 8 years old. Pro-abortionists having to cite cases involving mothers who are 8 years old further exposes the weakness of their position.

Upon conception, the issue becomes not what a woman should do with her body, but how to protect the human being growing inside of her body. If God's response to the other rhetorical questions above are sincerely desired, they should be sought not in antipathy toward men or politicians but in the Bible. Please start with these Bible Verses About Abortion.