Rupert Murdoch Satanic Bible

Rupert Murdoch Satanic Bible

01/11/08 - exposes Rupert Murdoch, calls for debate boycott exposes Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, and calls on the presidential candidates led by John McCain to demonstrate leadership by boycotting Murdoch's Fox News and other debates that discriminate against legitimate rivals.

One United States Senator and three United States Congressmen have now been excluded from the first three televised debates of this election year because the media deemed their poll numbers too low. This discriminatory practice must be stopped for six compelling reasons.

First, the polls are unreliable. Not only were they wrong in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the pollsters still don't even know why they were wrong by as much as 12 points in New Hampshire.

Second, we the voters want to hear the other candidates. Voting is still almost a year away and many people across the country still don't even know some of the candidates' names, let alone their platforms and records.

Third, the excluded candidates merit inclusion. They are men who could have made millions as venture capitalists, yet chose to serve the country in the House, Senate and even battlefields. They earned their right to be candidates for president and to be heard.

Fourth, they bring substance to the debates. Duncan Hunter, for example, is a former Army Ranger who served on and chaired the House Armed Services Committee for 26 years. He knows our military like Ron Paul knows delivering babies, Mitt Romney knows Mormonism and Mike Huckabee supposedly knows the Bible, and we are a nation at war.

Fifth, the debates with just the so-called front-runners are getting boring. Afraid of not making mistakes, they stick to safe issues, and afraid of getting counter-attacked, they don't attack. We need the barbs of the other candidates to shake things up.

Sixth, the media cannot be given our blind trust. Besides owning Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, for example, also publishes the Satanic Bible through HarperCollins, which Rupert Murdoch also owns. Are we, the voters going to pick our next president or outsource that task to a company owned by the publisher of the Satanic Bible who became a US citizen at 54 years of age to meet the legal requirement for owning television stations?

So far, none of the candidates participating in the discriminatory debates have shown leadership on this issue. They know the exclusions are unjust but have been happy to have rivals excluded on technicalities and even fearful of losing their own invitations to future debates. calls on all presidential candidates to stand together and announce that they will boycott future debates that discriminate, and we call on John McCain to lead the pack.

Why John McCain? He has a history of leading on issues of this nature. When his Vietnamese captors offered him an early position in the prisoner exchange program, McCain declined and waited 5 years for his proper turn. He was exemplary as a prisoner exchange candidate, and we call on him to be exemplary now as a presidential candidate.