Mormon Letter

Mormon Letter

I am Douglas Scott, A God loving Christian, struggling Disciple of Jesus Christ, Husband to a wonderful woman I don’t deserve, Father to four amazing children I live to serve, Constitutional Conservative and patriotic American son descended from Scottish Protestant immigrants. Our ‘Christian” faith as a family is defined by our belief in Jesus the Christ, that through his grace we are saved from death to be resurrected and that through his atonement we can repent and be cleansed of our sins to enter clean into the kingdom of God. Although I recognize the title Christian is a Roman fabrication used to identify those who followed the Christ I embrace the term as it reminds me of my Savior and redeemer. I wear that badge with care attempting to live what I have heard and read. In my readings of the Holy Bible I recognize a few critical facts that seem to be core doctrinal points that are frequently disputed as those who call themselves Christians fall from the true mark set by Jesus to be his Disciples or Saints as Paul so frequently referred to those who were baptized, received the gift of the Holy Ghost and lived what they believed following Jesus’s example.

I have read all of pages of attacks, insults and rebukes published by your website all of which are left unclaimed by their authors. I sense an arrogance that is holey (sic) inappropriate as you seem to claim some God given authority over Christianity while you rail arrogantly on all others attempting to make their way through life. What makes your interpretations of the scriptures and the doctrines you have adapted from your opinions factual and final? By what authority do you criticize and insult those of other faiths?

During my life I have travelled the world first as a young adventurer then later as a missionary and military serviceman in the United States Navy. I have been the lone Christian in a sea of every other faith and belief structure from Bedouin tribal traditions on up through to Mega evangelical, Muslim and Catholic churches. I have been fortunate to have learned one thing above all. Those that make the most accusations and invest overwhelming energy in their attacks on others have completely missed the mark on removing the beam from their own eye. What I find in your presumptuous attacks on other faiths is an insecure group of overeducated and underperforming parasites hoping that exposing any possible weaknesses in other organized faiths will somehow strengthen your position. You know you have no
Priesthood authority and have not been called of God by the laying on of hands as was Aaron… if you have been, declare you line of authority over the Christian faith and its doctrine rather than interpreting excerpts from the Holy Bible to further your cause.

If your cause is to claim exclusivity to salvation while bantering on about who believes what and how God cannot accept that… you presume to speak for God. Then you must be a Prophet right? If so, declare your authority.

The places in the world where I have seen this resolute anxiety against all other faiths that do not follow the out of context letter based on whichever translation they deem correct above all others is found among radical Islamists. Your website in its entirety is very similar to Taliban rhetoric. If you have an inkling of what Jesus Christ intended then you should focus on his words and his actions. Testify of HIM and live HIS example. This does not include blatant accusations against Catholics, Mormons, Muslims or any other faith. There is, as you know, only One God, One Faith and One Baptism. It requires it be called HIS Church after HIS holy name.
The Church of Jesus Christ can be the only name for HIS Church. This church must have HIS priesthood and include a Prophet and 12 apostles with the body of the church recognized as Saints, being HIS Disciples. Anything other than that is merely an attempt by a group of believers lacking guidance other than charismatic evangelical leaders gathering small groups of followers while they live from the tithes and offerings of their small flocks. By definition, these small groups of followers under temporary charismatics lacking any Priesthood authority are simply cults that either merge to survive or dissipate with the death of their leader.

The website does not give you any authority. The fact that you can read the bible and may or may not have some significant experience with the promptings of the Holy Ghost still does not give you any authority. A degree in theology and philosophy from man that provided you instruction on how to convince followers, build a church of your own and expand it does not give you authority of God.

The process and results have always been very clear. If you are going to claim any authority at all over any portion of the Christian faith then you had better first behave as Disciples of Jesus the Christ and repent of your arrogance and insults to all others you claim to know. No man taketh this honor unto himself and therefore you have neither authority of the true Gospel, the Priesthood or the Doctrine and appear to be merely spouting old catholic doctrines founded without inspiration for the purpose of subjugating man under a Theo political dictatorship. Stop ranting and BE HIS DISCIPLE. Remove the beam from your eyes so you can see Jesus for who HE was during his short mission here on earth and who HE IS as our Savior and Redeemer. I need not reference versus (sic) out of context to make my point. You and your entire staff and any others that subscribe to this misrepresentation of Discipleship need to get on your knees and seek true inspiration teaching truth with love offering a path for others to learn. Do not dictate further what you perceive to be facts as you have neither authority or complete knowledge of the doctrines you attack and insult and you have no claim to Christianity other than you clearly misunderstood and abused approach via this website.

Your behavior and the approach of the website are completely unchristian and lack any evidence of Jesus’s path. What is worse is your arrogant claims and insults are based partial information and opinions tainted by ignorance all too typical among this movement to centralize Christianity at its most ignorant level without authority or love to guide any real path other than attacking everyone else. That is the foundation for radicalism and has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ. I too am in a constant struggle to remain on course as I
travel the world and seek HIS Truth in its complete and pure form. I assure you that when HE returns as HE promised HE would, HE will decide who is Disciples are… NOT YOU. The results of truth from Jesus as inspired through the presence and promptings of the Holy Ghost HE sends to inspire us and proclaim HIS truth can only be clarity, peace and love followed by service and sacrifice on behalf of our brothers and sisters created by our same Father in Heaven.

One cannot find the Gospel while clinging angrily and defensively to a small piece while flinging defensive attacks at
all other sources of information which may contain critical pieces of HIS Gospel. Unless you can claim Priesthood Authority given as declared in the Bible and unless you can begin to demonstrate the same love and teaching embodied in Jesus Christ’s life and works you are no more authoritative that a miserable Mullah deep in the Hindu Kush claiming all other faiths are wrong and driving wedges between any who would question your interpretation from one document defiled by uninspired translations. I do not question your intent. I do question your authority.

This Gift of the Holy Ghost is one of peace, love, service, comprehension, simplicity and ease of understanding and application. I see no evidence of this in your efforts. If your response to this is anger, frustration, accusation, or any other negative then you too might reconsider the source of your energy and effort. If you take a moment and reconsider your position and kneel in prayer to repent of your arrogance and attempt to improve your path you may help draw others unto Jesus Christ and HIS Gospel instead of drag people through your myriad opinions and interpretations that lead you to attack and insult with impunity and no accountability.

I welcome a response and further interaction if it can be positive so long as you recognize my right to criticize your efforts after making the effort to understand your product. I can only see the results of your labor which bear no fruit that is anything similar to what Christ would do. Therefore I must question your execution and your source of energy. It is not from God or HIS Son Jesus Christ or the results of inspiration encouraged by the Holy Ghost. Therefore it must just be you and your friends. I suggest some soul searching and a recalibration of your efforts to seek a positive approach to sharing the Gospel instead of wasting everyone’s time insulting beliefs and doctrines while you have no foundation of your own or authority to declare it beyond another of many opinions.

I challenge you to accept this email in the Spirit intended and find your way back to what would be the path taken by our Savior and Redeemer rather than the negative zealot approach you have taken. I took time from my very busy day working in counter terrorism and technology to read your website and to attempt to comprehend your intent and have taken the time to provide you what I hope is a Christ centered approach to sharing with you my points. I hope and pray that you will hear my works and pray for inspiration and guidance so you will preach HIS word rather than rant and insult.

I know that Jesus Christ is MY personal Savior and Redeemer. I know that only through HIM can I be saved and only through my efforts to live HIS word and follow HIS example can I return to live with HIM as he promised. I have no claim as his agent other than the Holy Ghost confirming the truth of my words and purity of my intent. If you want to know me and what I believe that is fine but know that I am insignificant and merely a servant of my Lord and Savior, my Family and my Country where I am blessed to live and serve. My works are not dead as they are based entirely on and a direct result of my faith in HIM. If it were not so I would be lost long ago due to my constant exposure to the most evil men I can imagine. It is the Light of Christ that preserves me as I work deep in the bowels of hell on earth sifting through terrorists and those who have been led astray by arrogant evangelists of evil determined to distract their followers by directing them to hate others. Perhaps this helps you understand why I am so doubtful of your efforts based on the results of your labor.

May our LORD bless you and keep you. May you find HIS truth and share it with love allowing HIS light to inspire those seeking HIS truth.

Your brother in Christ,

Douglas G. Scott
USN Retired
CTI2(NAC-9215) Plankowner Naval Reconnaissance Support Activity
Cumming GA response:

Thank you for your long email. appreciates the many emails received from Mormons, who like you are loving spouses, parents, patriots and who sincerely desire to be accepted as Christians.

If you do not have cancer, it would be heinous of others to tell you that you have it. But if you have curable cancer and are unaware of it, it would be heinous and unloving of those who are aware of it to not make you aware for fear that hearing the truth will cause you pain.

God's authority and truth that you "travel the world and seek" are in the Bible, whose closing paragraph (Revelation 22:18-19) precludes "all other sources". And if the Bible is true, being a loving husband, father, patriot and sincerely believing that Jesus, your "Savior and redeemer" is a creature who is the spirit brother of Satan will send you to hell, a place of unspeakable, eternal torment that is infinitely worse than cancer.

To see whether or not the Bible is true, or "defiled" as you claim, please read it, not through the prism of The Book of Mormon or the other teachings of Mormonism, but directly. Please set aside "all other sources" and read just the King James Version (KJV) or the New King James Version (NKJV), both of which faithfully translate the original Greek New Testament. Start with the Gospel of John, followed by the other three Gospels, followed by the rest of the New Testament, less the Book of Revelation, followed by the Old Testament, followed by the Book of Revelation.

Given your military intelligence background, you should be able to detect falsehood, if any. As you read, may the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator of the entire universe, bless you with His truth only as He can.

With prayers for you, your wife and children.