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Fred Thompson RatingTrained as a lawyer, Fred Thompson served as a US Attorney, defended the Nixon White House during Watergate, worked as a lobbyist and served in the Senate for 9 years until 2003, when he retired to pursue his successful acting career.

Fred Thompson speaks and carries himself well, has some foreign policy experience, but his Christian background and social values record is murky. He was raised in Church of Christ, yet chose to marry his second wife in the extremely liberal United Church of Christ (UCC) which ordains homosexuals as pastors.

The former Senator from Tennessee claims to be pro-life today but was pro-abortion until recently and voted for the Partial Birth Abortion Act as a Senator in 2000. He also claims to be anti-homosexual marriage but advocated the states having "great leeway" in allowing civil unions between homosexuals as recently as March of 2007.

Until we hear further from the former Senator, our Fred Thompson ratings remain at C.